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Fire Trilogy 2. Cities of Ashes
Original title: Trilogía Fuego 2. Ciudades de cenizas

Fire Trilogy 2. Cities of Ashes

Original title: Trilogía Fuego 2. Ciudades de cenizas

A new city. An experiment. A reunion. A murder. A romance

After revealing that she is Android 43, Alice is recaptured and sold to a group of merchants who feel sorry for her and decide to set her free. But the danger is still very present: Alice is captured again a few days later and taken to the capital as a prisoner. There, she makes an unexpected discovery: Father John, her creator, is still alive and is now the supreme guardian of the rebel cities. Several weeks later, Rhett and his friend Trisha manage to find her. The rescue isn’t easy: the three young people lose their memories, and when they wake up seven months later, they discover they are in the independent city of the Union, ruled over by the Sergeant, a harsh and bloodthirsty character. Alice, Rhett, and Trisha want to get out as soon as possible, and they suspect that the easy life they are living there is a trap. It turns out the Union is concealing a huge secret: it buys androids to experiment with, and when they’re no longer useful, it liquidates them. The night Alice discovers this, she flees with her friends and a group of robots. Though they are fugitives again, they don’t lose hope: learning that the merchants who freed her are heading west, they decide to go there and seek them out. 

A trilogy whose plot with dystopian abd science fiction overtones, distances itself from the usual romantic literature since the love story is between an android and a human.

The female leadership of The Hunger Games meets the frantic adventures of The Maze Runner and the oppresion of Black Mirror tyrannies.

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Zysk (Poland).

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Publishing date: | 424 pages | ISBN: 978-628-00-0310-8 | Imprint: Crossbooks

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