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The Austrias, The Flight of the Eagle
Original title: Los Austrias. El vuelo del águila

The Austrias, The Flight of the Eagle

Original title: Los Austrias. El vuelo del águila

An empire is forged: 26th November, 1504. Queen Isabel the Catholic has just died and the voices of the majority of the nobles of Castile are raised in support of Joanna the Mad’s claims to the throne. Fernando of Aragon will go as far as is necessary to prevent his son in law, Philip the Fair, from deposing him as ruler of the lands of Castile. Meanwhile, the House of Austria, through a policy of treaties and matrimonial ties, is struggling to become the most powerful family in Europe. All the countries of Christendom, including the Papacy, find themselves enmeshed in power struggles in which sex, violence and crime are all weapons employed for political ends. In the midst of all these conflicts, a family of converted Jews, the Losantos, struggles to survive the Inquisition but to do so they will have to deny their roots. 

"A very ambitious project with all the ingredients to make it into a similar success to that of other great sagas such as theBorgiasand the Tudors."

A great novel of a time and an empire that established the foundations for a new world: our world. 

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Publishing date: | 800 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23536-1 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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