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The Enlightenment Factory
Original title: La fábrica de las ilusiones
Category: Non-Fiction

The Enlightenment Factory

Original title: La fábrica de las ilusiones
Category: Non-Fiction

Knowing ourselves to become better.

Are intelligence, homosexuality, or psychopathology inherent? Does our subconscious control us? Did you know that light doesn’t exist outside our minds, or that languages can prolong your life? Did you know we can detect a drop of fragrance in an Olympic pool? Would you like to know why it’s so hard to lose weight, or why we forget things? What do you think is more powerful, emotions or reason? Are we preprogrammed for violence?  Do you want to know why we feel stress, or how to age better? Have you ever heard of epigenetics? Well, you should know, it is the science that could revolutionize humanity’s future.

Ignacio Morgado, a reference point in Spain in the study of the brain and metal processes, responds in this book to frequent questions about his specialty in a clear, concise way, always keeping the latest scientific advances in mind.

This book will reveal to us how our brain is a great factory of illusions and how concepts like happiness and love, or stress and certain illnesses, have their roots in our neurons. This means that to get maximum performance out of your brain and, more importantly, to feel good and live well, you have to know it inside and out.

Highlights The Enlightenment Factory


The leading specialist in neuroscience opens his office to answer the most frequently asked questions we all have about our minds.

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Publishing date: | 280 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2175-2 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel

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