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Now It's Your Turn To Be Happy
Original title: Ahora te toca ser feliz
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Now It's Your Turn To Be Happy

Original title: Ahora te toca ser feliz
Category: Non-Fiction | Self-help

Enjoy the present and make good things happen.

This book comes at the best possible moment. When you’re still asking yourself how you can go back to being the person you were a few moths ago or if you’ll even be able to turn the page, Curro Cañete is back with renewed energy to remind you that now it’s your turn to be happy. The only moment you have, your only tool, is the present. In these pages, you will find the guide you need to get the most out of every day and every hour so you can finally understand that the past is past. You learned from it, and now is the time to trust yourself, take a step forward, and embrace what you love.

The four steps to make our dreams come true sound simple when Curro explains them to us, and actually they are. Our perseverance will be the key to our success.

The first one consists on deciding. What do I really want and what dreams do I choose to turn into reality? Then we will need to believe that we are going to achieve what we decide. Once we decide to go for a dream we will trust fully that we will achieve it. The third step consists on going into action. And finally, we must be able to keep it up. A lot people forget about “maintenance work”. Everything that we conquer we need to keep it or we will lose it. Therefore it is vitally important to preserve enthusiasm and good habits, and to define what our most important dreams in the medium and long term are, that is, our project of a lifetime.

Highlights Now It's Your Turn To Be Happy


The new book by Curro Cañete, the author who helped more than 100,000 readers with The Power of Trusting Yourself!


You’re strong. Decide to be happy... And achieve it!

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-958-42-9353-4 | Imprint: Diana

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